Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Back!

OK--I've had exactly one request to keep writing so now I know who's reading! Ha! I appreciate the nudge. I started this blog for many reasons but among them was--so I would write.

So . . . it's almost a year since I've been here. The biggest news--for me, anyway--is that I just turned 50. Now, it that isn't weird, I don't know what is. I celebrated yesterday with Adam and the kids at a great restaurant here called The Med. We started out with tapas and I had a delicious mushroom risotto with fresh arugula on top. I LOVE arugula and have also developed a love for kale salad. Gotta eat your greens!

I also celebrated a few weekends ago in Portland, OR with several old friends. It still feels like going home when I fly into PDX, like it's still my airport. My flight left DEN at noon on a Friday. Adam was working for the day and then was going to pick the kids up on Friday afternoon. Since the kids go in separate directions on Fridays, I had concocted a set of elaborate plans to get everyone where they needed to go.

As luck would have it, Oliver started throwing up on Thursday night. The first time he got sick, he made it to the toilet and I thought to myself, A milestone! Finally, they make it to the toilet rather than being sick on our bedroom floor. About 20 minutes later, Oliver came into our bedroom, flopped down on the bed and said he felt like he was going to "puke." I immediately shooed him toward the bathroom but Adam said, oh, you can stay here a few minutes. Oliver promptly threw up on our bed. So much for milestones!

But bless Adam's soul, he stayed home from work the next day to take care of a sick kid while I skipped off for my girl's weekend. As I stood at the door with my suitcase, I said to him, this feels a little weird. Don't worry about it, he told me, I do it all the time! So off I went for a weekend of pedicures, eating out, roaming Powell's Books, and basically doing whatever I wanted without regard to sick kid, husband, dog or cat care!