Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Easter Weekend . . .

and it's snowing. I really shouldn't be acting surprised because we do, after all, live at 5300 at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Still. For much of my life, Easter really did mean spring and it seems like those brain patterns die hard.

Our wonderful neighborhood hosts a community easter egg hunt at the lake front. Sadly, it was called due to snow. But then guess what happened? The Easter Bunny arrived at our door bearing baskets. Such is the dedication of or neighborhood friends.

Tomorrow doesn't bode any better for the "real" Easter Bunny. We're expecting an inch of snow tonight. But I guess these bunnies are going to have to be hardier than today's! It could be a cold morning. I have visions of myself in plaid pj pants, fleece coat, hat, wool socks and Uggs, hiding easter eggs at 6 am.