Monday, January 19, 2009

The Beginning of a New Year

I've changed the look of our blog and you'll see that the address is slightly altered. Part of this is due to the fact that I never was able to change the other blog to my new gmail address. After trying and trying, I figured that this was easier! The site address has changed only by adding a "1" at the end of "upsidedownfunschool."

It is the eve of Obama's inauguration, so TRULY the beginning of a new year. Adam and I watched yesterday's festivities replayed last night on HBO and loved it all. Now I can't wait for tomorrow. A momentous day. I'm proud of us today--of this country and feel hopeful again that we'll be good citizens to one another and to the rest of the world. So . . . I've put my absolute favorite rendition of America the Beautiful here:

Today is MLK day. Oliver doesn't have school and we have no plans. So far, it is 10:12 am, we are all still in our pajamas and happy about it, and have no firm plans for the day. The weather promises to be 60 degrees and sunny (again!) so I hope for some trampoline jumping and a bike ride down to the lake to throw rocks into the water (ice?) and watch the dog go wild with joy. She's a calm (if nervous) being until it comes to sand, snow and water. The she kicks into some other gear, charging around wildly, doing what I call the vacuum cleaner (leaning down and running along with one side of her head and shoulder on the ground). I am always so happy when she swims--pain-free dog bath--but then inevitably she rolls in the sand making it worse than it was before.

It's lucky I don't have to get up and out for I just mistook the oj carton for the milk and poured oj in my coffee . . . .