Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I Love About Home Schooling

On the days that the kids are home, we start our day with a morning walk. This serves several purposes--to get energetic boys outside and moving first thing, to make sure the dog gets a walk, and to make sure I do to!

We are blessed with a wonderful place to walk--around the 40 acre lake in the middle of our neighborhood. Throughout the year, we see wild turkey, bobcat, deer, moose (!), mountain lion and bear. Sadly, to me at least, we haven't actually laid eyes on a mountain lion or bear yet but our neighbors on the lake side see them frequently.

In the fall, the level of the lake is drawn down. It's a reservoir for irrigation water for those below us and this time of year means less water everywhere. Now that the lake is low, much more of the rocky shoreline is exposed. There's a little slough that is now empty of water and we like to walk down it, out the the lake. When we walked out yesterday, we discovered a few cairns or stone statues. The kids were captivated and we started to build. We probably spent an hour searching for the perfect rocks, balancing, toppling and rebuilding. I was so grateful to have the time to take this lovely detour, to have no need to rush the kids on, and to be able to sink into the joy of building and discovery with them.

A slide show of our creations is below.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Summer has ended in Boulder--sort of. We have continued to have warm temps while the sun gets lower in the sky and the leaves turn. We had grandparents visit a few weeks ago and went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. The museum building is ultra-modern and I'm curious to learn more about the design and architect.

The Kin Tut exhibit was amazing--but I was disappointed that none of the outer casing of the his mummy were there. Amazing to realize those artifacts are 4000 years old and to see the sophistication of jewelry making and tools.

I feel we would be remiss if we didn't introduce the kids to the cultural gem of King Tut by Steve Martin. Thank goodness for the internet--ha!

If you want to watch it again, here it is: